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We are qualified to perform maintenance and repairs on most brands of forklifts.

Scheduled Maintenance (Propane)

During a scheduled maintenance, we change the oil and oil filter. We check the air filter and transmission filter (change as needed). We inspect oil levels in the differential, steering box, hydraulic reservoir, brake fluid reservoir, and transmission (adjust as required). We lube and grease the forklift, which includes jacking up the steer axle to grease and inspect the steering components and wheel bearings. We check the battery, clean and grease the terminals, check the tires and brake performance, steering, hydraulic system, mast, carriage, forks, chains, and cooling system (hoses and cap). We will also advise on charging, starting, and safety systems.

Scheduled Maintenance (Electric)

During scheduled maintenance service, we lube and grease the forklift including the mast, steer axle, linkages and chains, check the transmission, hydraulic and brake fluids, inspect the contact tips and electrical connections, check and water the battery, inspect the motor brushes, drive test and complete a safety inspection.